The number of participatory art projects featured on this site has grown over the years, so this page offers quick links to the help you find them. Click on the links below (they’re in no order at all) to read more.

  • SAMP (Portugal) – a music school that works with the whole community, including very sensitive work with the dying and the bereaved.
  • Toinen Koti (Finland) – a theatre production by the National Theatre of Finland involving local actors and performers who have sought refuge in the country.
  • The Lawnmowers (UK) – an independent theatre company run by and with people with learning disabilities since 1986
  • ‘Looking back, Looking Forward’ (England) – a community arts project with mental health service users that I produced in 1990-91, during ‘care in the community’.
  • Hazte Banquero (Spain) – a verbatim theatre production exposing political and financial corruption, based on leaked emails, by x-net

  • Banlieues Bleues (France) – a jazz festival in Seine-Saint-Denis that has been linking great musicians with young people from the area since 1984
  • Cardboard Citizens (UK) – Making forum theatre, supporting homeless people and changing lives since 1991
  • ‘Moments of Joy’ (England) – South Yorkshire Housing Association’s self-financed community arts programme developed for and with tenants.
  • Movimento de Expressão Fotográfica (Portugal) – a photography collective that uses analogue and digital methods to work with young offenders and other groups
  • Men & Girls Dance (UK) – a risky and beautiful project that makes a powerful challenge to some critical contemporary issues. 

  • Dotrščina Virtual Museum (Croatia) – artist-led project working in difficulty conditions to preserve the memory of the victims of fascism between 1941 and 1945
  • acta (England) – a long-established community theatre project connecting local and international non-professional performers 
  • The Fèisean (Scotland) – my research from 1996 into a powerful grass-roots traditional music movement that has grown hugely since the 1980s
  • The Cabbage Field (Lithuania) – an artist and community-led project to reclaim a derelict piece of land in Kaunas for the use of local people
  • cARTrefu (Wales) – participatory art work with older people living in residential homes, supported by Age Cymru and the Arts Council of Wales.