Guides and handbooks

Over the years a number of practitioners have written handbooks and guides for others working in the field. They naturally vary in tone and content and some are more practical than others. They also tend to go out of print quickly but it’s easy enough to find second hand copies. Again, this is a selective list.

  • Ann Jellicoe, 1987, Community Plays: How to put them on. London
  • Susan Jones, ed., 1992, Art in Public: What, Why and How, Sunderland
  • François Matarasso, 1994, Regular Marvels: Handbook for Animateurs, practitioners and development workers in dance, Mime, music and literature, Leicester

Finally a recent book which is not a guide, but still of practical value to artists as it brings together reflections by practitioners on some key issues they grapple with:

Gemma-Rose Turnbull, ed. 2015, The Questions We Ask Together, Open Engagement