A Restless Art was made possible by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, which has been supporting community and participatory arts for half a century. It funded the apprenticeship that was my introduction to community art in 1981 and, 15 years later, the research that became Use or Ornament? This latest project required close coordination between the headquarters of Fundaçāo Calouste Gulbenkian in Lisbon, where it was in the care of Hugo De Seabra, and the Foundation’s UK Branch, led by Andrew Barnett; I am grateful to them both for their unstinting support. thanks to current and former trustees of the Foundation who played a role: Isabel Mota, President of the Board of trustees, Martin Essayan, Pedro Norton, and Guilherme D’oliveira Martins. thanks are also due to current and former staff in Lisbon, London and Paris: Luisa Valle, Director of the human Development Programme and Luis Jerónimo, Deputy Director; Margaret Bolton, Narcisa Costa, Risto Nieminen, Miguel Magalhaes, Miguel Sobral Cid, Esther Godwin Brown, Hilary Cullen, Isabel Vasconcelos, Louise Venn, Sian Williams, and Kithmini Wimalasekera. A special note of appreciation must go to Isabel Lucena, who first saw the potential in the idea and has accompanied it throughout, as well as translating this text, with its sometimes British concepts, into her native tongue. 

During the three years of research for this book, I met and spoke with scores of people in dozens of places. I wish that all their work found its way into the text, and I know too that not all of them are named here. There are many whose names I never learnt, though we may have had a rich conversation after a show or a workshop. Yet informal exchanges, often over food or in conversations while travelling, were among the most illuminating I had and they often influenced my thinking. Corrections and additions to these acknowledgements will be made here. But I want to record my sincere gratitude to everyone who generously agreed to meet me, invited me to shows, shared their resources, fed me and talked about their ideas, including: Deborah Aguirre Jones; Núria Aidelman; Julio Álvarez; Tânia Araújo; Steve Ball; Miranda Ballin; Omid Bahrami; Neil Beddow; Debbie Bell Hutchinson; Ester Bonal; Titia Bouwmeester; Constanza Brnic; Jo Burns; Tara Byrne; Janusz Byszewski; Boris Čakširan; Shirley Cameron; Ed Carroll; Micaela Casalboni; Michael Chandler; Emma Chetcuti; Ewa Chomicka; Sikko Cleveringa; Aiden Connor; George Copeland; Carol Crowe; Hugo Cruz; Ruth Daniel; Rebecca Davies; Eleanor Davis; Lorena De Beer; Devinda De Silva; Cecilia De Varine; Marie-France Delieuvin; Pax Dettoni Serrano; Philipp Dietachmair; Parminder Dosanjh; Sigrun Drapatz; Stella Duffy; Heba El Cheikh; John Fox; Anna Francis; Eva Garcia; Vita Gelūnienė; Maria Gil; Sue Gill; Ned Glasier; Arlene Goldbard; Ali Goolyad; Nic Green; Daniela Grosset; Christopher Guest; Marcus Hammond; Cinzia Hardy; Hatem Hassan Salama; Penny Hay; Nick Heron; Robert Hewison; Ronnie Hughes; Amelia Ideh; Adrian Jackson; Buddug James Jones; Michel Jeannès; Maria Joāo; Kelly Jones; Aida Kalender; Sari Karttunen; Joanna Kubicka; Miodrag Kuc; Paulo Lameiro; Janet Law; Jussi Lehtonen; Xavier Lemettre; Geraldine Ling; Mathilde Lopez; Alan Lyddiard; Inês Mares; Catherine Marshall; Daniel Meadows; Alex Mendonca; Andrew Mccleod; Roland Miller; Ilana Mitchell; Pete Moser; Iliyana Nikolova; John Norton; Carine Osmont; Sean Palmer; Maria Parczewska; Matt Peacock; Américo Peças; Luke Pell; Jonathan Petherbridge; Pedro Pinho; Nikola Pisarev; Rosalie Pordes; Gavin Porter; Jamie Proud; Izzy Rabey; Nadja Raszewski; Sarah-Jane Rawlings; Àlvaro Restrepo; Nuño Revello; Clare Reynolds; Graeme Rigby; Ros Rigby; Ian Ritchie; Mary Robson; Luís Rocha; Vania Rodrigues; Julia Rone; George Sachinis; Paz Santa Cecilia; Anthony Schrag; Gwen Sewell; Rajni Shah; Simon Sharkey; Jotham Sietsma; Helen Simons; Saša Šimpraga; David Slater; Andy Stafford; Glen Stoker; Marion Stonier; Paulo Teixeira; Amelia Thomas; Laura Thomas; James Thompson; Albert Tola; Stéphanie Touré; Eugene Van Erven; Hans Van Regenmortel; Jill Vincent; Andy Watson; Tom Wentworth; Rosie Wheatland; Jo Wheeler; Rhiannon White; Jennifer Wilson; and Nicola Winstanley. 

I am also grateful to the following people who contributed to my thinking, opened doors or otherwise provided assistance during this research: Fernando Almeida; Adriane Boag; Josep Aragay Borràs; Julie Batten; Rebecca Blackman; Su Braden; Jonas Buechel; Dominic Campbell; Sajida Carr; Tamara Crnković; Anamaria Cruz; Biserka Cvjeticanin, Michel David; Esther Davis; Cristina Da Milano; An De Bisschop; Paul De Bruyne; Hugues De Varine; Kathryn Deane; Jeremy Deller; Alison Denholm; Kate Duncan; Laura Dyer; Rachel Emmett; Dave Everitt; Chris Fremantle; Anne Gallacher; Claire Hills-Wilson; Madeline Holmes; Jasmina Ibrahimovic; Peter Jenkinson; Tuula Jääskeläinen; Nick Jones; Susan Jones; Rober Livingston; Tanja Kalčić; Pejja Kantonen; Julie Mccarthy; Margret Meagher; Gerri Moriarty; Chloe Morley; Moez Mrabet; Mia Nakamura; Kate Organ; Lukas Pairon; Graham Peet; Joe Pick; Miranda Plowden; May Posse; Dawn Redhead; Kevin Ryan; Jenny Sealey; John Sloboda; Biant-Singh Suwali; Alma Solarte-Tobón; Tony Stacey; Alice Thomann; Chris Torch; Stephen Pritchard; Maria Vlachou; Prosper Wanner; Ed Webb-Ingall; Caron Wright; and Shelagh Wright.