This page lists books and other publications about community and participatory art. It includes most of the bibliography from A Restless Art, (but not books that were relevant only in that context). and other texts that either were of tangential relevance to that book, or that I’ve subsequently found, including new publications. It’s loosely organised into fields, to help you find what you might be interested in. Links are provided to downloadable publications, but these sometimes go out of date. There is a lot of informal and online publication about participatory art, partly because mainstream publishers have produced little on the subject, so this list cannot be complete. I have chosen to include only books that it should be easy to find in a library or bookshop (perhaps second-hand). Inclusion of a title here should not be taken as endorsement. As in any field books about participatory art range in quality and value, but everything that’s included has at least something to offer readers. That said, this page should be seen as a work in progress, updated as and when possible.

Democratisation of culture

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History of community art

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UK Arts policy and history

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Philosophy and theory

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Studies of projects and programmes

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