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Li diuen mar (Anna Fabrega) 39
Li diuen mar (©Anna Fàbrega)

Resources on participatory arts practice, including my own writing, are added here as time and knowledge allows. Click on the links below to go to different sections:

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These pages give links to participatory and community arts organisations in the UK and elsewhere. Mostly, they are organisations I’ve met and whose work I know directly, though as the project develops that will become impossible to sustain. The projects listed here are have widely differing practices and ideas. They use different art forms, in different ways, for different purposes. This listing is a place to discover people whose work might connect with your thinking, but naturally there will be others whose work does not interest you. There can be no guarantees… it’s just a list of connections.

Projects are grouped by the main art form in which they work, but that is just for simplicity and ease of reference. Two groups working in different art forms may have more in common than with others apparently doing similar work.  Click on the links below to go to the listings