What’s happening with ‘A Restless Art’?

Summer’s almost over, soon it’s back to school
Soon they drain the water out of the swimming pool
Adopt a brand new attitude, a positive outlook
Buy yourself some pencils and a loose leaf notebook

Loudon Wainwright III

This long, hot summer is slowly drawing to its close, and with it the completion of the second (or is it third?) rewrite of A Restless Art. My books feel as if they’re abandoned, rather than finished: there just comes a time when you have to put down your tools and let it go. Tomorrow, I’ll send the text to friends who are working on the translation and the page make up. Then it’s the painstaking, but enjoyable, process of checking proofs and making corrections. Every mistake spotted at this stage is a small delight – another catch. All that will take much of the autumn and it needs attention. So I’ve decided not to add any further case studies to the website for now, with one exception.

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th October 2018 is this year’s Fun Palaces weekend. If you don’t know Fun Palaces yet, have a look at the website, and, better still, put the dates in your diary and visit a Fun Palace. This is one of the most surprising and delightful things to have happened recently in community art. So, to celebrate this ‘ongoing campaign for cultural democracy’ – and encourage people to join in –  I’ll add the case study I’ve done about Fun Palaces next week.

And when will the book be published? We haven’t fixed precise dates yet, but English and Portuguese editions it will be available in January 2019. Oh, and one more thing. It’s called A Restless Art, How participation won, and why it matters. 

More soon…

ARA Title 3.png