Resource: ‘The Art of Dialogue Cookbook’

Here, from my friends at Teatro dell’Argine and other members of the Bosch Alumni Network, is a valuable resource for anyone interested in intercultural dialogue. Earlier this year, 16 people gathered in Bologna to share their experience of working with communities for mutual understanding. They came from countries across and beyond Europe, and worked as artists, filmmakers, journalists, theatre makers and managers. One result of their exchange is The Art of Dialogue Cookbook, a collection of activity ideas designed to enable intercultural conversations.  

The ideas vary in style, duration and resources, from a short workshop to projects lasting several months. My grumpy side bristled at the metaphor of the cookery book, but I was won over by the quality of the thinking and by how the cookbook presentation allows a very practical presentation of each idea. There’s are lots of nourishing stuff here, some you might want to adapt and replicate, some that could just spark new ideas in your own work. Click on the link below to download it from the Teatro dell’Argine website: