Culture is a right, not a solution

Parliament of Dreams

‘This week, faith leaders, unions and others called for 2020 to be the “decade of reconciliation and reconnection”. Creating cultural opportunities in our towns and villages – those exact towns and villages that feel betrayed and abandoned by politicians – would be a powerful and dynamic way to make that happen.’

Tracey Brabbins MP,Huffington Post, 3 January 2020

A change in arts policy?

Arts Council England will shortly publishits new strategy for cultureover the next decade. If the ideas set out in last summer’s consultation document are fulfilled, this will be an important change of direction. How far the vision becomes reality remains to be seen, and it is not only up to the Arts Council or even the cultural sector. The response of politicians will be critical, which is why Tracey Brabbins’ call toGive abandoned towns culture and art to power ‘decade of reconciliation’

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