Thanks to everyone who has been in touch since the project went live. It’s been great to see the interest in the idea and people’s willingness to contribute to it. If I’ve not yet replied to you, I will very shortly. Over the coming months, I’ll suggest ways in which people can participate in the project but, for now, I see three main routes:

First, I’ll be visiting projects to talk with artists and practitioners and see what is happening at first hand. Since time, distance and funds place obvious limits on what I can do, these trips will be supplemented by Skype and phone conversations.

Secondly, I will be organising small, round-table discussions – ideally in partnership with interested organisations. They’ll focus on key issues or experiences that emerge as the work develops.

Thirdly, I’ll be inviting written contributions (nothing too demanding!) through this site in response to specific questions.

No doubt other ways of participating will emerge as things go on, and I’m always open to suggestions. At the moment, I appreciate the luxury of having time to explore and see which paths turn out to be the most interesting.

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