‘The MIAAW Monthly’, a cultural democracy email

For the last couple of years, I’ve been doing a podcast with Arlene Goldbard, in which we talk with like-minded people in the USA and Europe about community art and cultural democracy. I tag along really: Arlene is a much more natural speaker than me, while the technical side of is kindly and invisibly managed by Owen Kelly. Actually, it was at Owen’s invitation that we started. In 2018, he and Sophie Hope had started a podcast about cultural democracy, under the banner ‘Meanwhile In An Abandoned Warehouse‘, and our effort easily found its place there (it’s a big warehouse). Since then, we’ve gradually expanded so that there are now weekly episodes, but each with its own character: one of them is the monthly essays I’ve been publishing under the title ‘Old Words’. 

Now we’re taking another step in building this kitchen table enterprise by producing an email newsletter—The MIAAW Monthly. It will be sent out towards the end of each month and present the four (sometimes five) coming episodes. We’ll also add some notes and links to interesting things we’ve seen that connect with our main theme. We hope that the newsletter will enrich the podcasts themselves, and perhaps foster a community of listeners and like-minded people. If that’s you (and I hope it might be if you’re reading this) you can sign up for the MIAAW Monthly here

We’ll shortly launch a refreshed version of the MIAAW website as well, which will make it easier to find past episodes of the podcasts. 

The image at the top of this post is of a performance of Go Tell The Bees, by National Theatre Wales TEAM in Pembrokeshire, September 2021 (photo: François Matarasso)